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All About Us

We’ve been dedicated gamers for years but really started being serious when we founded SKUM Gaming, which was founded in 2008 by Sinatra & Muggle. They have ran and kept SKUM alive for years on end, in both eSports and Entertainment. We always try to bring together some of the best competitive players and entertainment personalities in gaming. Since then, we’ve welcomed an impressive group of talented and dedicated players, designers, editors & streamers/content creators. As we all say, “Holding it for the Underground” since ’08.

We have and had teams competing across the world in a variety of different esports titles, and we always hope for more opportunities and chances which we will be able to make.

Being built on entertainment, we have developed a solid network from Twitter to YouTube and Discord to keep our greatest asset - our players - fully visible and happy to engage with the community at large.

If yourself is interested in joining SKUM Gaming, there are loads of positions to gain. SKUM needs Management, Players/Teams (any game), Designers, Editors & Streamers/Content Creators. For someone to join SKUM, you will need to be dedicated and committed to the position. Our organization is exclusive and members will need to add SKUM to their Online Identity.  To apply, please email or DM @SKUMGaming on Twitter with your interest to join with desired position.

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